Thursday, January 22, 2015

Say Good By to Chapped Skin!

We often associate dry, chapped skin with cold weather, and though the weather plays a part in drying out skin, weather alone is not the culprit.

Activities such as: taking long, hot baths; swimming in pools and or salty water also are contributing factors for dry skin. 

Hand washing soaps, hand dish wash detergents, and chemical-laden household cleaners contribute to our dry skin problems as well.

Obviously multiple combinations of the above mentioned scenarios will compound the severity of our dry skin issues.

Is dry skin such a big deal?
Having dry, chapped skin is more than an irritant, it can potentially be a health risk.  Why?  Your skin is your first line of defense against infection and disease.  If your skin is cracked, germs are more easily susceptible of entering the body.

Though moving to a warmer climate is out of the picture for most of us, we can control some of the other dry skin culprits, such as the soaps and household cleaners we use.
Many hand soaps on the market leave a residue on your hands that you may not be aware of!  These residues are a drying agent of our skin.  Companies often mask the chemicals in their soaps by adding moisturizers, even all natural ones! Moisturizers sit on top of the soap residue, therefore keeping that residue directly in contact with the skin!

What solutions makes the most sense?   
First of all:  using a gentle, 100% all-natural hand soap would be the first line of defense against dry skin.  Don't be fooled by hand soaps that claim to be "all natural."  Manufacturers are allowed to claim "all natural" even if only one ingredient is all natural.  Beware!  I know groups like EWG are fighting for better product labeling as what manufacturers are allowed to do is very misleading to the customer!

Secondly:  Use 100% all-natural, plant-based household cleaners.  Not only for the protection of your skin, but also for the overall health of you and your family should you be using 100% all-natural, green cleaners.  Rubber gloves give a false sense of protection, don't be misled about using them! 
A Personal Testimony: 

An email HG Labs, LLC. received from Brenda in MI

"When my family switched to Baby Harmony Pure &Free Hand Soap my daughter, who is prone to seasonal eczema, does not suffer from it in ways she used to.  Her hands are not all chapped, cracked and bleeding as they were before we switched to Baby Harmony's hand soap.  This is the ONLY hand soap we now use in our entire house!  IT WORKS!"

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