Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I Need Space! Create a Personal Retreat.

Well, it’s Wednesday. Congratulations, you’re half way through the week! 
Are you wishing the weekend was here NOW! 

How can you find a little reprieve mid-week and not feel like you have to hold out for the weekend to roll around? 

Let me encourage you to create a place of retreat in your home.  A place that is clean and tidy.  Small spaces make great retreat places, cozy nooks where you can be alone; regroup and relax, if even for a few precious minutes alone!

When my kids were younger, the bathroom was my escape place.  I would light some candles and take a nice, hot bath.  The bathroom was upstairs, away from the main living space and was also the room that was not cluttered with things like unfolded laundry, toys, and unprocessed mail or other paper clutter.

In our second home, the master bedroom was my personal retreat room.  The bathrooms in our second home were located in busy areas of the house and therefore were not very “retreat-friendly.”

We are now in our third home as a family and the kids are almost all out of the house (my baby is a Senior this year and the only one left).  I have converted my middle child’s small bedroom into my home office/reading room.  It is the smallest room in the house (except for the bathrooms), but it has become my new favorite room!
My retreat place:)
There is something to be said about coziness that invokes peace!

Create your own stay-at-home- oasis:

1) It needs to be a place away from distractions.

2) It needs to be a place that you have control to keep green clean and tidy; not dependent on others to keep it clean.
     Remember, messy & cluttered spaces do not invoke peace, calm and rest!

3) Convert a walk-in-closet as a retreat space.  

4) Make your master bedroom a place you LOVE to retreat to! 

Am I just being selfish to want my own space?

I would say a strong, NO!  As a parent, you need some quiet time to detox from the day.  A place for inner rest-for mind, body, soul.  If you have even 15-20 minutes to yourself in a clean place, you will feel refreshed!

A refreshed You Is…able to handle the pressures each day brings. 

A refreshed You Is…a more loving mom/dad, husband/wife.

 A refreshed You Is…a better employee/boss.

See why a quiet place to get away and unwind is valuable?

If you can’t “escape” a little every day, then make sure you can midweek.
Call it your “Wednesday Retreat”! 
Spend at least 20 minutes alone and in a place you can unwind.

You’re welcomeJ

Brenda and Charlie

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